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I know the obvious answer will be likely to be, go for the diesel but has anyone got any experience of the differences in consumption/power etc. I am looking for actual experience, not speculation.


I have seen 22 GTS's for sale but I assume this must be a discontinued model........

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Hi Neil,


Sorry no one has offered anything but I guess we’re all just petrol heads. After all, diesel is the fuel of the Devil. I haven’t had a diesel myself but have been on a couple.  From my experiences, the performance diesels do offer much better economy but they seem to lack in overall vitality. Their power is usually delivered in such a short range that it makes them a little less fun and flexible when compared to petrol engines. They do very well in the fishing boats and small cruisers for example but maybe not so well in sports boats. That said, I can only suggest you pay for a sea trial to find out for yourself before you commit to anything. The MerCruiser 1.7 diesel has really mixed reliability reviews too. It shouldn’t take too long to find some reviews online.


I’m pretty sure the 22 was discontinued around 2002. They do look like nice boats, and they use different diesels I think so probably much better. But then they’re not sports boats either.


Hopefully others can add something.



Thanks for the reply. I had originally been looking for a 19gts to "house" the family as a 15foot arrowflash is great for skiing and ringo's but sunbathing aint an option for the mrs. I had seen the 22 foot ones advertised in boats and outboards fitted with Yanmar diesels. These were two things I did not know were available from Fletcher (22 foot and yanmar) so I thought I would ask the question. With fuel being what it is, I thought I would investigate, both of my cars are diesels and had not really thought of the "devil's fuel" angle........................I know what you mean about the vitality bit but then my old 75 (2 stroke) merc only makes it's power stacked up at the top end of the rev range. Anyway thanks for your reply, food for thought as they say.

I think the diesels in the 22's are Yamaha as opposed to Yanmar - I could be wrong and maybe Yanmar are a division of Yamaha - who knows.


Like you, speed isn't necessary anymore and I changed to a 19 sport cruiser for exactly the same reasons. If I could be pickier, I definitely have a larger diesel but I would avoid a diesel in a sports boat - I think that was the point I was trying to get across. I.e. I could still water ski at the moment but with a small MerCruiser diesel, well, I‘m not too sure because she could just lose her power with a few hundred revs or so. I would have thought someone else would have some input. Maybe try ybw?


Also, if you get a good older diesel, you’ll more than likely have the option of running on Bio fuels so you’ll still be sailing while we’re just sitting on anchor. But I don’t think the MerCruiser 1.7 can do that – too modern.




Hi Neil,


I tried to email you via the forum but it seemed to fail. Can you email me on john.shepherd @ swfbr.co.uk and I'll reply to your question about the Sport Cruiser.



I think the problem may be at your email as I got yours bounced back to me as permanently failed so i will just paste it here as there is nothing secret in it.


Thanks for your offer of a bit of info.


Background on me first. I bought an old arrowflash to mess around on and cut my teeth with the view of buying a bigger more expernsive boat after I had spent my first year learning the craft, if you like. I did my RYA powerboat level 2 course, which I found useful and I think that towards the end of the summer I might see if I can bag a bargain, when the season is coming to an end.


I have considered bowriders but I like the GTS layout, the fact that it has a cuddy is attractive to me too, I had not been aware of the 22 foot variant but I am not sure as launching and recoverability were requirements for me as whatever I get I don't want to leave it in the sea. You seem to have followed a similar upgrade and i am interested in your experiences.


Anthing you can advise on is appreciated.






Hi Neil,

Sorry, too many email addresses along with too many variants:

john @ swfbr.co.uk



Tried again with no success. I am not sure that email addresses are supposed to have spaces in them...you might want to check that.


Can you reply to this on the forum, then i am sure to get it.



Sorry Neil, I added the spaces so internet spambots won't pick it up and sent me loads of rubbish. Yes, just remove the spaces.


Hi Neil

I have a 2007 19GTS with the 1.7 diesel, it's my first boat so I have nothing to compare it to. I use it for buzzing around the north west coast of Scotland with wife two kids (4+8) and labrador, we think it's great. I reckon it does around 5mpg at 20ish knots on calm seas, which I'm told is great economy. Maximum speed is around 30knots. In the auto world I'm a total petrol head (Mitsubishi Evo IX) but diesel is fine for me in the sea!






If its any help to you I have had both diesel and petrol sports boats, Bayliner 652 sports boat 21 ft cuddy with 1.7l merc diesel-- pros Was cheap, good grunt if pulling water ski or toy ,economical. cons -- smelly, not cheap any more, got dirt in fuel caused real issues. My boat now is a maxum 2100sc cuddy with 5l mpi   much much better. Pros -- quick, less smelly, less issues with dirt ect. cons-  expensive fuel !!.  My advice would be the 4.3 mpi I have had a boat with this engine and its a great engine. just for the record -- when i next change my boat i am going for a fletcher 19 sprts cruiser  with 4.3 mpi, no more American boats for me.  Hope this is of some help to you


I have the 4.3 MPI and have to say whilst it is more expensive on fuel than the 3.Ltr version .....it is a fantastic engine, a LOT quieter than the 3.00Ltr which I had in my Bayliner. Now have the 19ft Sports Cruiser I also looked at a Diesel however did hear some stories to put me off, however each to their own.

Good luck with whatever you choose!



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