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Hi all. I'm hoping to become the proud owner of a Vigo in the next few weeks. The one I have in mind does not come with an engine. The brochure downloaded from the Fletcher website gives engine size range from 10 to 85hp. I'm intending to use the boat off the south coast in the Solent area. I could just go for the biggest but if something smaller will do, this will open up the field a bit. Can anyone make me wiser?

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Hi Paul,

It all depends on whether you want to travel quickly or not really, balanced with how much you want to spend. If speed isn't an issue then perhaps 40/50hp, I'm not sure anything less would get you comfortably on the plane, and at sea you may like the comfort factor that you can combat a strong tide and wind. The suggestion of 10/20hp from the brochure would be for river/lake pottering where just displacement speed is wanted.

Many will suggest getting the biggest you can and I'm inclined to agree within reason, a 60hp might be a very good compromise.

You may have some questions over which outboard to buy, 4-stroke, 2-stroke, new, used etc etc. Just ask if you want any advice.


Hi John, thanks for the response. With my budget it'll be a 2stroke, and I'd like the option of going fast. I guess I'm gonna need 70hp or more.
I have struck an agreement and subject to inspection the boat is mine. All I need now is a reliable engine and a suitable trailer.

Well good luck and maybe let us know how you get on. don't think there's too much about at the moment but as the season starts preowned ones begin to trickle onto the market.

If you're going for full-on power, then don't dismiss 90hp's, there should be a few about as it's a common engine size. When the boat was designed, a 90hp was quite a bit heavier than they are now, so you'll have some tolerance in the transom, and 5hp over shouldn't cause any insurance problems.There are a few threads on here about outboards that you may find useful, else just shout.


Excuse my ignorance but how long is a Vigo? .... My uneducated guess would be approx 17ft with cuddy making it a quite heavy rig?? If so think you will be disappointed with anything other than biggest, with two or three on board reckon you would need 70 plus to plane comfortably.

I agree with John if you can afford it go for 90hp

Hi Adrian. I have my eye on a  90. The boat is 18'. I'm unsure of the weight. I don't have any concerns with fitting a 90, it's just that engines are a bit thin on the ground. I thought considering different sizes would give me more choice.

I think they're quite light, only about 700 or so kgs net, maybe a little more, and about 18 foot I think. The cabin is quite superficial, but that's a compliment, as they offer a cabin with windows while keeping the weight low. I could be wrong but I think they even squeezed in a loo somewhere as an option! They're similar to the Faro but with bigger windows, probably the same hull. I don't think they made that many but with a spec like that, you wonder why they didn't sell more, they sound quite ideal. A 90hp would make one fly, so yes, perhaps a 60/70 as a min for sea work.

There was one for sale near me a little while ago, but it had been chopped about a bit, shame really.

690kg excluding engine according to the 1989 brochure - good guess John ;-)  Max hp stated as 90hp.  Seem to have been made until around 89/90 and not in later brochures.  The Faro continues into the mid 90's however...

Hi. We recently bought a Vigo with a Yam 90hp. I started a thread to try to get more details about when they were made - from 1978 -1990/91 but records were lost from Fletcher. We wanted a back up engine & were recommended an Evinrude 4.5hp. Yes - there is a head compartment, just inside on the starboard side, opposite the galley on port side. We have just sorted out the head [portapotti] which is now looking very smart! Galley comes next.

Nice to know there is another Vigo in the Solent - we are also Southampton based. Have a look at 'Solent Meet Up? by Toby Oakley from 15th Jan. There are several Fletcherits looking for a meet this summer. How about it?


Definitely, count me in. If all goes to plan I'm going to collect it Saturday. It'll be a bit of an ordeal, up to Wolverhampton first to collect a new trailer, then on to Whitby to collect the boat, then back home. 600 miles or so and 12 hours on the road plus stops. Hopefully it'll be worth it. I have a 4 horse aux lined up, just need to find a suitable 90.

Have a good trip Paul! I expect you are getting trailer from SBS - as a Fletcher member you also get 10% off as they are part of Fletcher. Suggest you also get a flushing kit for the trailer [about £50] as it will extend the life by years & is well worth it. They are simple to fit but SBS can do it for you ready. We also got a spare wheel but keep it in the car, not on the trailer. Have attached the Vigo spec [if it works] which is about all that is left of the Vigo info from Fletcher.

Give my regards to Dracular when you go to Whitby & report back about the boat - we can swap notes.



Haha! Forgot about the Count landing in Whitby. Let's hope he's off visiting or something. If I start suggesting moonlight Fletcher gatherings you'd best bring some garlic. Thanks for the spec sheet, very useful. I am visiting SBS, I'll mention the forum, see if I can get a bit more off. Every little helps. I'll look into the flushing kit, good idea. I have a spare wheel on my bike trailer, hopefully that will fit. Same size, just depends on whether the holes line up.
Hopefully we'll be back Saturday, but if I get too knackered to drive we may end up having a kip aboard, albeit in some motorway services. Expect cheesy pics sometime Sunday.

Garlic ahoy Paul! Good luck with the trip. By the way - where are you based? We are Southampton, so Solent waters. We are trying to get a few Fletcherits together - mostly for moral support & to swap good ideas. There is also a meet in Torbay in late May for Fletcherites which is amasingly well organised. If we get a few together in the Solent this summer it will be a low key affair by comparisom.

Keep the Vigo's going!


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